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Empire of Unstoppable Women Facebook Group

Empire of Unstoppable Women Facebook Group

At Encore Empire, we believe that experience elevates everything. That means that we get MORE powerful as we age. 

We've got a dynamic group for entrepreneurs or women thinking of becoming an entrepreneur called Empire of Unstoppable Midlife Women Starting Or Growing Their Business that you can find here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/empireofunstoppablewomen.

We are a community of women over 40 who want to start a profitable business but aren't sure how and women who want to add more profits to their current business.

We are a group of forward-thinking women who embrace the attitude of agelessness; unstoppable women who understand they can leverage their life experience to create freedom through entrepreneurship.

This group is right for you if:

  • You want to start a business and feel overwhelmed by all the conflicting "magic formulas" being thrown at you.
  • You have started a business but it is not working like you thought after trying numerous courses or strategies.
  • Your business is making money and you are ready to grow and diversify to increase your impact and income.
  • You have been working a job for many years and realize you may not have the lifestyle, security, and freedom you planned on once you retire.
  • You feel insecure about the future of your job or career and want to "create your own economy" through your own business.
  • You have been teaching a skill or providing services in person and now trying to transition your business online.

Our mission is to teach you how to build and grow a profitable online business in a fun, simple way that removes overwhelm and shiny object syndrome.

We are NOT just another group collecting profiles!

Carmen & Deirdre provide live weekly training with high-level ACTIONABLE content, expert Q&A, free workshops, fun giveaways, and the ability to network and get expert feedback on your business challenges and wins. All training is organized and saved in "units" of learning to watch at any time.

Through Encore Empire, you’ll develop a “true-to-you” business model and marketing strategy that not only grants you the opportunity to stake your entrepreneurial claim but consists of foundational, evergreen principles that stand the test of time. You will also learn how to overcome limiting beliefs and adopt an unstoppable mindset.

Founded by Deirdre Harter, licensed CPA, and Carmen Reed-Gilkison, certified Whole Person Coach, the education and frameworks we provide are backed by decades of proven business and life success that we’ve distilled into a dynamic proprietary system that is holistic and extremely effective.

Join us and experience the difference.

The Empire of Unstoppable Women Facebook Group is where we host weekly free, live training, including our Validate Your Business Idea Workshop. Here's what past attendees had to say:

"Day 2 helped me narrow things down a lot more than I expected. I'm beginning to realize that perhaps activities I did in recent years was not a waste of time after all but just steps closer to today."

"All I can say is that you did a fabulous job presenting this so far and I’m impressed with what I’ve learned and gotten out of this so far."

You too can gain that kind of clarity, but you'll need to be a member of the group! We can't wait to see you inside. 😊

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